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While it is well known that beauty can have an impact on the opportunities that you are offered to you as well as what kind of people you interact with, there are other factors that will affect the success that you will have in life. These factors are all up to you.

Many women spend their whole life seeking after the beauty that model present in various magazines and advertisements. These models, no matter how beautiful they are, are often not good enough.

Their images are still touched up by computers and enhanced in various ways. This is an impossible model of beauty to seek after.

Yet many people still do it and waste money on plastic surgery and elaborate make ups and skin cleaning products. These things can help improve the beauty of a person to a certain extent, but that extent is limited.

Something that you may have more control over is the beauty of your voice. Your voice can have a tremendous impact on the people that you interact with.

Studies have found that if you control the quality, pace, clarity, and personality of your voice correctly, it can make up thirty eight percent of the impact you have on people. Your voice says a lot about you.

It tells people when you are nervous or confident. It tells people when you are worried or angry.

It also tells people when you are happy or pleased. Think about the last time a salesperson called you on the phone and tried to sell you something.

The people who came the nearest to persuading you to purchase the product probably have very suave voices. Whenever you hear someone talk on the phone, you automatically paint a picture of them in your mind.

All you had to go off when you painted this picture was the sound of their voice. However, you will place initial judgments about age, appearance, confidence, vitality, background, ability and lifestyle through the way you perceive their voice.

Learning how to speak influentially is something that can be learned. You learned how to speak one way and you can learn how to speak another way.

The first thing you need to do is think of a person who has a voice you admire. This person may not be the most attractive person, but they should have a fantastic and well trained speaking voice.

You will also need to think about the state of your mental and physical health as these also impact your voice. It is very difficult to speak clearly when you have a cold or to speak cheerfully if you are sad.

One of the tricks to developing a wonderful voice is to always sound energetic yet calm. The energetic value will make people interested in what you have to say while the calm will make people listen because you sound confident.

The trick to sounding energetic is to actually be energetic. This statement will get many groans as this can seem like an impossibly difficult task.

However, all you have to do is start moving around. Take a quick walk before you go into a meeting if you have been sitting at your desk for a while.

This will wake you up and get you going. Breathing exercises can also make you feel more energetic.

Simply smiling, even if it is a fake smile, can definitely make you feel much more energetic. The way you allow your body to move will impact your energy level.

Do not allow your body to move like it is tired or it will be that way. When you are tired, you will slouch which will in turn crush your voice box, lungs, and throat.

This will hinder your ability to speak clearly and energetically for sure. In order to speak well, you must maintain a good posture.

By speaking in a slumped position, you will probably make everyone else in the meeting want to slump and go to sleep. It is very important that you keep your lungs open and in a position where they can be filled with a lot of air.

You air flow is very important to a clear voice. Singers know this fact well and practice breathing a lot.

As a speaker, it is a good idea for you to practice breathing quite often as well. Besides, short and uneven breathing is a sign of poor health and it will make people avoid you.

Many yoga classes offer breathing exercises that could be beneficial to you. These classes could help you develop a beautiful voice.
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Developing A Beautiful Voice

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This article was published on 2011/01/20