Voice Talent is Used for a Variety of Different Projects

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Voice talent is used for a variety of different projects ranging from radio announcements to podcasts. This helps to give the spoken word a personality and identity but also ensures that listeners can understand what is being said.


Not everyone is endowed with a good voice. Some people stutter, mumble or fail to enunciate clearly. Many people are not confident in their reading skills so even if they possess a fairly good voice, the obstacle may come in not being able to read scripts or narrative very well. Many people who work in this field possess strong, clear voices but they have also taken the time to improve their basic skills like reading.


People that work in this field sometimes work as individual contractors. They may have a site that they showcase Mp3 files of their work so people can sample them. Some post videos on the popular sites on the web. The majority of people will work with an agency.


A voice talent agency will often have descriptions and vocal samples of many types of male and female voices. There are often several Mp3 files of each person so that clients can see how they sound in a variety of circumstances. The descriptions of each voice will vary. Some types may work better for smooth jazz stations while others have an edgy sound that is appropriate for classic rock. If the client is uncertain about which type of voice to use, the agency can help them find the best type for their purpose.


These services are a given for radio stations who use them to provide an identity and personality to their programming. These voices announce the station identity, weather segment, newsbreak or other features found on most stations.


There are many other tasks that male and female voice talent can perform. There has been a growing need for people to create podcasts with subjects ranging from reading poetry to cooking instructions. Those who can create content for these often do not have the kind of attractive voice that engages listeners so using a professional makes sense. People who make documentaries often need someone who can provide a pleasant voice for narration. With more people creating instructional videos for education or to post information like instructions on websites, there is a continuing demand for people who have the right vocal credentials. There is also a demand for people who can read for audio books. While the popularity of book readers has grown, there are still many people who listen to these while they commute. Voice talent is used for many different projects and it is a need that continues to grow.

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Voice Talent is Used for a Variety of Different Projects

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Voice Talent is Used for a Variety of Different Projects

This article was published on 2012/06/01